Splashforce is currently priced at $300 for the initial 6 months. Renewing costs $60 for an additional 6 months.

How To Buy


Follow the Splashforce Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up to date on restock information.


BotBroker is the only supported and safe way to get Splashforce if you are going to buy from the resale market.

Supported Platforms

Splashforce currently supports both Windows and Mac.

Supported Sites

Splashforce currently supports:

  • Adidas (US, GB, CA, AU, MY, PH, SG, DE, IT, NL, FR, IE, CZ, SE, BE, AT, ES, PL, SK, DK)
  • Yeezy Supply
  • Supreme
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Off-White
  • Shopify (under maintenance)

The current site status can be found here:


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