To activate your copy of Splashforce, enter the key from your purchase email and click the arrow (1). When you copy your key from the email, make sure there is not a space at the end.


You should then see the dashboard.


The version number you are using is displayed in the bottom left (2), and the date and time your key expires can be found in the bottom right (3).

Common Problems

Invalid Key

Ensure you do not have a space at the end of your key

Another Instance Active

Make sure you do not have Splashforce open elsewhere. If you are sure you don’t, restart your computer and try again

Blank Tabs

If some of your tabs do not load, first try restarting the bot. If that does not resolve it, follow these instructions. Please note this will erase all of your data and settings.

  1. Close Splashforce
  2. Navigate to the Splashforce app data for your operating system. On Windows it is located at %AppData%/Splashforce. On Mac it is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Splashforce
  3. Delete all of the contents
  4. Re-open Splashforce

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