Installing & Launching


On Windows, double click the exe and go through the steps to complete the installation. You should uninstall any previous versions first.

To launch the application, double click the Splashforce icon on your desktop.

Common Problems

Splashforce Will Not Open

Use the control panel to set the region for non-unicode programs to English (United States). See guide here for detailed instructions: Splashforce Will Not Open


On Mac, unzip the download to extract the application if it was not unzipped automatically. Then move the application to your Applications folder to install it. It is important that you move it to Applications rather than launching it from the Downloads folder.

To launch the application, click Splashforce in your Applications folder. The Mac version does not currently have an application icon.


You will get a prompt that Splashforce can’t be opened because it is from an unverified developer. Click the "Cancel" button (1).


Go to System Preferences and click Security & Privacy (2).


Click the “Open Anyway” button (3) next to Splashforce.


Click the "Open" button (4) on the "Are you sure you want to open it?" prompt. Splashforce will then launch.

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