Dealing With Fraud Declines

Both Adidas and Yeezy Supply use the same payment processor. Every order you attempt is given a risk score using risk rules. If that risk score is too high, then the order will be flagged as fraudulent and declined. Unfortunately, we do not know which risk rules they have chosen to apply. You will see the status "Payment declined (Fraud)" in Splashforce.

Although fraud declines may seem sporadic, there is method to the madness. You may get a fraud decline for one order and a successful checkout the next with the exact same billing profile. You may also be able to place several orders before you start getting fraud declines. This guide is intended for those who consistently get fraud declines with their billing profile and are not able to place an order at all.

These declines are nothing to do with your bank or card issuer. The order is declined before the charge is passed to them, so contacting your issuer will not be helpful. Furthermore, attempting to contact Adidas or Yeezy Supply support will likely yield no change.

For the best chances of avoiding fraud declines, you should use high-quality profiles. Here are some tips:

  1. If possible, use the same shipping and billing address
  2. Avoid rudimentary address jigging like adding random letters before or after your address
  3. If possible, the area code of the phone number should correspond with the address. For example, if your address is in Manhattan, New York, your phone number should begin with 212
  4. If possible, use the same name on the payment card as the name in the billing address. Ensure to include both first and last name
  5. If possible, use an email address which contains either your first or last name
  6. Do not use the same card details for multiple profiles

If all of these are already true for your billing profile, then some elements of your billing profile may be banned. Here are some tips:

  1. Change how you represent your name, maybe add a middle initial to your first name or use the name of somebody else in your household
  2. Change how you represent the address, there are 2 address lines available so be creative in how you use them
  3. Change your phone number, you could potentially use a random one since it is not likely it will actually be used for anything
  4. Use a new virtual credit card (VCC). Privacy is a popular option
  5. Change your email address. If you are using a catchall, consider a new email domain as they can be banned

Be careful if you are testing whether changes to your billing profile worked. Do not test too much. It is also recommended to test using a proxy and not your local IP to try and avoid the billing profile getting banned by association.

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