Task Management

The dashboard is the main hub of your bot. It is here you can view and manage all of your tasks for each site.


Site Selection

Select the site you wish to manage tasks for (1): Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Shopify, Dicks, Off White

Managing Tasks


The basic details of the task (2) are summarized in the table to give you an overview of each task's settings.


The status (3) tells you what the task is currently doing. By default, your tasks will be in an idle state. If a task is successful, it will eventually show a "Checked out!" status. For a detailed list of task statuses, see here: Task Statuses


The action buttons (4) allow you to control individual tasks.

  • Start - begin the task
  • Stop - end the task
  • Delete - remove the task
  • Edit - change settings of the task
  • Duplicate - create a copy of the task

Mass Management

You are able to control and manage multiple tasks at the same time using the mass management buttons (5) and (7).

Start All

This will start all of the tasks for the selected site.

Stop All

This will stop all of the tasks that are currently running for the selected site.

Clear All

This will remove all tasks for the selected site.

Mass Edit All

This feature will allow you to change individual settings for all of the tasks for the selected site. To begin mass editing, click the Mass Edit All button (7).

You will then see a screen similar to the one you saw when you originally created the tasks.


In order to change a setting, you must first double click the field so that it is highlighted in green. If you do not do this, your changes will not save because Splashforce does not know what fields you wish to change.


Enter the new value you want to use for all of your tasks and click the "Save" button.


You will be taken back to the dashboard upon clicking "Save".

If you wish to edit a child field (such as the error or monitor delay or splash URL), you must also ensure the parent field is highlighted in green.


Import & Export

The Import & Export buttons (8) allow you to get your data in to and out of Splashforce.

Importing tasks is not currently operational.

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