Yeezy Supply


Product ID

The identifier for the product you wish to purchase. For major releases, the PID will be given in the release channel.

If the product is loaded onto the Yeezy Supply website ahead of the release, you can find the PID by visiting the Yeezy Supply website and clicking on the product. The PID will then be visible in the address bar. If your browser's address bar only shows the domain, click in the address bar to see the full URL.




The billing profile you wish to purchase the product with. The details you provided in the billing profile will be used to checkout. If you select multiple billing profiles, a task will be created for each. Use CTRL+A to select all billing profiles.


The number of tasks you wish to create with the given settings.


Select the sizes of the product you wish to purchase. If you select multiple sizes, a task will be created for each. Select "random" if you are happy to purchase any size. 

To choose a size range, select the "custom random" option by clicking the text itself (not the checkbox alongside it). A size dialog will open where you are able to select multiple specific sizes for a single task.


Release Type

For most launches, the release type will be either WAITING_ROOM_NEW or WAITING_ROOM. These modes are not interchangeable and the task will only succeed if you choose the correct one. Yeezy Supply is currently trialing WAITING_ROOM_NEW but may revert to WAITING_ROOM. The correct mode will be given in the release channel.

The PRODUCT mode is used when there is no waiting room. If you use PRODUCT mode when there is a waiting room, your tasks will not be successful.


Select True if you want to use a random proxy from your proxy list or False if you wish to use your local IP.

Specific Proxy

If you want to use a specific proxy for a task, input the proxy here in the host:port or host:port:user:pass format.


Select True if a V3 cookie is required to pass splash for the particular launch you are interested in. Typically, Recap3 is True. The Recap3 setting will be given in the release channel. Please note that if a V3 cookie is required, even if you are using AYCD AutoSolve, you should select True.

Schedule Task(s)

The task scheduler is not currently operational. 

Custom Delay

If you wish to use a custom delay, tick the checkbox and enter your custom error and monitor values in milliseconds. If you do not tick custom delay, the delays from the settings will be used instead.

For Yeezy Supply, delays are not particularly important given the nature of the release. Any reasonable delay will likely be just fine. Safe values to use are 5000 error, 3500 monitor.

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