Using proxies allows you to mask your own IP so that you can run more tasks from the same device.



Click the Add button (1) to add your proxies.


Paste your proxies into the box (2) and click the Save button (3). Each proxy should be on a separate line. Enter proxies in the format host:port or host:port:user:pass



If you wish to test your proxies, first select the site you wish to test them on from the drop-down (4). To individually test proxies, click the play button (5) in the actions column. If you wish to test all of your proxies, click the "Test All" button (6). You should not test more than 5-10 at a time of your results may be inaccurate.

The tester only tests connectivity or ping, it does not test access to the site itself. Even if you get a fast response from the tester, it does not mean that the proxy is unbanned from the site. A lower value is faster than a higher one.

For Yeezy Supply and Adidas, you do not really need super-fast speeds. Anything below 2500-3000ms is probably acceptable.

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